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Information for online education for Common Courses

Deat students,

As you already know, we will proceed with online education system for the rest of the Spring Semester. This note includes information regarding this process.

The most important issue is that all students should check their e-mail accounts (sis.thk.edu.tr and the mail account provided by the University) daily. sis.thk.edu.tr and mail system will be used by all instructors for specific announcements regarding their courses. 

The Moodle system will be used for providing course materials and announcements to the students. So, all students must have a moodle account. If you do not have a moodle account, obtain one immediately.

There are files below which involve information on how the courses will be continued throughout the online education process. See those files, check the messages from the instructors, and be in touch with your instructors.

For courses which involve laboratory work or applications (like physics lab or the applications in the music courses), Summer Semester will be organized for laboratory work and applications. However, this may not be possible depending on how the epidemic continues, so there may be changes regarding these issues as well. Any changes will be announced by the instructors, through the channels used by the instructors.

There are two options for the courses: Synchronous and asynchronous. Synchronous course means that lectures will be held online, real time, through live stream, at the regular weekly schedule of the Spring Semester. Any change in lecture time will be announced by the instructor.

Asynchronous course means that the instructor will prepare a course video and readable materials (like slides or pdf files). Readable materials will be uploaded to the Moodle system and any other system announced by the instructor. Videos may be uploaded to Moodle or video links may be sent through Moodle and sis.thk.edu.tr, depending on the size of video lecture files. These issues will all be directed by the instructors. So, be in touch with your instructor, check your mail accounts daily.

For the common courses, this web site will also be used for general announcements.

Have a nice week.

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Online Learning System for Common Courses

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