Öngösterim Görseli

PHY 101 final exam info

Dear students,

Final exam places have been reorganized according to the number of students in each section. All sections will attend the exam in the building of the Faulty of Aeronautics and Astronautics (HUBF). There will be lists on the main entrance of the HUBF building and also next to the doors of each classroom. You can find your name on those lists and determine your exam place.

Sections are distributed among the classrooms as follows:

Section 1 (MEC) and Section 7 (FLT): 102 Amfi (Eray Karaaslan Amfisi)

Section 2 (AEE-AST): EF Z 17 – EF Z 23 – EF Z 03

Section 3 (CENG): EF Z 21 – EF Z 22 – EF Z 23

Section 4 (EEE): EF Z 18 – Ef Z 19

Section 5 (IND): EF 119

Section 6 (MCH): 118 Amfi (Elif Gizem Akkaya Amfisi)

Good luck.